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Number Plate Fixing Screws & Screw Caps (4 Pack)

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Our Promise:

Dank manufactures DVLA Registered Bespoke Number Plates that are guaranteed to be a step above all other competitors. Our Gels, Acrylics & Backing Sheets are produced by 3M Industries who are renowned worldwide for their quality and integrity. We settle for nothing less than perfect.


4 x Number Plate Fixing Screws
2 x White Screw Caps (Front Plate)
2 x Yellow Screw Caps (Rear Plate)

Important Information: For best results please pre-drill a 2mm pilot hole into your number plate before installing screws (Failing to do this can result in the acrylic plate blistering or even shattering).

Number Plate Installation:

Please click here to find out how you can safely install your new bespoke number plates.