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Duel Autocare - Oxide - Quick Detailer Hybrid

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Oxide, a detailing spray that offers insane gloss and protection all from a single application thanks to its hybrid formulation.

Excellent water repellency and durability mean that Oxide can comfortably be used as a short term spray sealant also and durability of 6-8 weeks is easily achieved per single application. layering Oxide will produce extended durability.
Oxide can be used on all painted surfaces and wheels.

Key Points:

  • Great durability
  • Insane gloss
  • Protects all surfaces of paint and wheels
  • Fantastic drying aid
  • 6-8 weeks longevity

How To Use: 

  1. Apply a mist of Oxide to each small panel or Two - Three mists per larger panel
  2. Spread the product with a clean Microfibre towel and then buff with an alternate clean microfibre towel to reveal a sublimely slick and glossy finish.

Warning - Do not use in direct sunlight or allow to dry

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