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Duel Autocare - Coral Fleece - Microfibre Cloth

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Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloths are manufactured from a soft luxurious, thick and lint-free pile. Coral Fleece is incredibly absorbent, and because they are naturally more absorbent than your regular microfibre cloths, they are perfect for any 'wet' finishing work, such as applying and removing quick detailers and spray waxes. Not only are they suitable for exterior work, these cloths are also perfect for our interior detailer Satin.

Due to the deep pile and soft fibres, these cloths are gentle on even the most delicate paint and will not leave scratches or marring.

Also available in both Yellow and Green

For applying and removing creams and waxes, take a look at Duel Buff Microfibre Cloths.

Key Points:

  • Size: 40x40cm
  • GSM: 500


  1.  Machine wash with a dedicated microfibre wash solution, no fabric softeners
  2. Wash separately
  3. Air dry

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