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5D Number Plates - Double Neon Blue With Black Glitter Gel (Set Of 2)

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Our Promise:

Dank manufactures DVLA Registered Bespoke Number Plates that are guaranteed to be a step above all other competitors. Our Gels, Acrylics & Backing Sheets are produced by 3M Industries who are renowned worldwide for their quality and integrity. We settle for nothing less than perfect.

Important Order Information:

Please be aware; UK Non Standard Size (Japanese, Ranger Rover Or Rover) Number Plate orders may take up to 3-5 days to manufacture.


1 x Front Number Plate
1 x Rear Number Plate
10 x 1mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads


All Dank Number Plates include a 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty from peeling & discolouration. (Please note this warranty will become void if you choose to attach your number plate to your vehicle via screws rather than the adhesive pads provided).

Each individual Dank Number Plate is thoroughly checked in a multi-stage process before being signed off to post to our customers.

Number Plate Installation:

All Dank Number Plates include 10 x 1mm Double Sided Adhesive Pads for installation. We do not advise drilling holes in your Number Plates as this breaks the backing seal on the plate, voids warranty and can result in peeling and discolouration.

Please click here to find out how you can safely install your new bespoke number plates.

Legal Disclaimer For Show Number Plates:

All Dank Number Plates will arrive with Legal Writing & Formalities underneath unless otherwise stated. If you have selected any options from the dropdown menu's above that make your number plate a Show Plate then Legal Writing & Formalities WILL NOT be included. Using a Show Plate on a UK Public Road is Illegal and you do so at your own risk.