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Dank Number Plates

Number Plate Sticky Pads (5 Pack)

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The perfect solution to safely installing your brand new number plates to your vehicle!

Installing Your Sticky Pads Correctly:

- Always Clean and Dry the surface before the application.
- Don't use any products that could cause the surface to become greasy, this won't allow the pads to bite to the plates surface correctly.
We highly recommend using 5 pads per number plate ensuring they are evenly spaced/distributed ( |  |  |  |  | ).

Tip: In cold conditions we advise using a hair dryer to help activate the pads glue before applying to your vehicle. Once applied give it a good push evenly to ensure that the pads have adhered correctly.

Additional Information:

We (Dank Plates) use these on our cars, as well as many of our customers and they have always worked perfectly, however we don't take any responsibility for any number plates falling off. Please make sure to follow the steps above.